October 08 - November 19, 2010 "BEYAZ KAOS" Group Show, Kunsthaus Erfurt, curated by Cassandra Mehlhorn and Eva Liedtjens - Participating artists: Yaşam Şaşmazer I Nilbar Güreş I Nalan Yırtmaç I Gökçen Cabadan I Memed Erdener/Extrastruggle I Demet Taşpinar I Mehmet Ali Uysal I Dilek Gökçen Acay

during the Art Forum Berlin: Solo Show with new works at Berlin Art Projects Gallery I Project Space I Auguststraße 50 B.


unleashed. Contemporary Art from Turkey, ed. by Hossein Amirsadeghi and Maryam Homayoun Eisler, London: Thames & Hudson Ltd., 2010, 328 pages.

"Nobody doubts that the contemporary art of Turkey has arrived on the international stage: Hale Tengers work has been bought by the Pompidou Centre; Fikret Atay features in Tate Moderns collection; Kutlug Ataman has been nominated for the Turner Prize; and, collectors flock from around the world to pick up pieces by exceptionally talented Turkish artists. "Unleashed" is the most comprehensive account yet of the recent storm of activity in Turkeys art scene. A sumptuously illustrated A-Z of over ninety of the most exciting Turkish contemporary artists, it contains many exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in Turkish art, as well as such up-and-coming artists as Leyla Gediz, Emre Huner and Ali Kazmal and the Turkish diaspora. It also features interviews with and profiles of leading curators, gallerists, collectors, artist-run spaces and museums. The work of the featured artists is put into further context by three important essays written by leading curators and critics, which tackle the issues of identity, and the relationship of Turkish art to international artistic trends."


YASAM SASMAZER’S wooden sculptures are life-sized, realistic depictions of children: an absent-minded boy holding a bird, a mischievously provocative, grinning little girl holding a lollipop, a girl lost in thought with the giant shadow of a wolf on the wall behind her. They are gestures and scenarios that we know from children and the world of fairytales – and yet Sasmazer’s sculptures deal with the “dark side” of the subconscious. Her children are no “little angels”, but rather insecure and distrustful and, like all people, they have a certain aggressive potential.


ISBN: 978-3-941640-04-7